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Re: Sensei -- drinking??

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How is it effecting your learning?

Was he prone to drinking before class prior to his relationship problems?

Do *you* think if you become involved he will interpret it other than how you intend?
My learning is being affected when he steps on the mat intoxicated (or even slightly) and he tries to teach us something and then tries to remember what the enitre technique is supposed to look like. Or worst, he teaches us a techniques and then at the end he corrects himself and tells us to do it another way, after we have already been practicing it for 40 minutes.

I can't say that he was prone to drinking before. He has maybe once or twice before had alcohol smell on his breath when he stepped on the mat but to say that it is an old issue, i think not.

I think that he may perhaps see my concern as interest, yes! Don't want o give the wrong kind of message or say the wrong thing. Sometimes my words do not come out right and things get interpreted wrong. If I am the one to talk to him them I am looking for the most pro-active way to tell him.

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