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Sensei -- drinking??

ok, so here is my dilema. My sensei is going through a rough split with his girlfriend of 9 years. He has, on a few occasions, shown up to class "slightly intoxicated". By this, I mean that I can clearly smell the alcohol on his breath and he is slightly wobbly. This is an issue because it affects my learning. I do however understand that he is taking this break up quite hard. I know he is trying to find an escape. The fact of the matter is, what do I do??? (if I can even do anything). Should I wait it out a bit and see if he stops this behaviour? (the slpit has been coming for a while but it is indeed really new). Should I try and talk to him???

My problem is doubly difficult because I am the only woman in my dojo. I do not want my concern to be interpreted as interest. As everyone knows, it is easy to be mis-led when one's heart has been crushed. What are my options??


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