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Bruce Baker
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Sooner or later

What the heck am I getting at?

Sooner or later, with all the experience, facts, reading, and training in Aikido or Aikido related subjects, you have to make your own decisions, have your own opinions, and not quote others to actually imbed what you have learned into your being ... make it your own philosopy or way of life.

Too many times I have been told that this man says this, or this book says that, but the actuality of truth is found in the soul of each human being by the lessons of life, and the life they choose to lead.

If we choose to practice Aikido, how much is it worth if we always allude to the knowledge and wisdom of others when we are without faith or knowledge ... dependant upon teachings of a person or a book that are contrary to what we believe in our tenents of morality?

Of course, there are times we must learn, study, and get an understanding of other cultures or people to base our decisions of approval or disapproval, but sooner or later, you will have to stand alone, think for yourself, and view teachings verses application for your own life?

When that happens, can you see the greater picture, or is it too big for you to see?

Confusing? Maybe.
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