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Re: "Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" Seminar w/Dan Harden

I am going to do another seminar shortly. Please don't use phrases like dummies. I see no difference between students or teachers who are learning unfamiliar material, or tuning material they already know or what have you.
The only difference in teaching teachers is that they are in a position to effect change in a greater capacity. As a business or information dissemination model, it makes perfect sense. Reach a greater number of people to effect change.
Teachers can return to their dojos and start "practicing the material" as part of regular dojo time at their discretion. It has been my experience that these people return and openly tell their students they are "working on some new stuff" and also tell them with who. Again from my experience it has been a rather open discussion.
So I would ask you-what are your goals?
Lets review the posts on aikiweb. Students have been writing in here for a few years now talking about the frustrations of not being able to practice this new training when they wanted to. Some even quit or took a break from Aikido to get this.
"Fair enough." I said.
How about if I can help fix that?
How about teaching the teachers who control those classes. Could I get them interested enough, so that students could actually train aiki in an aikido dojo? Well, I have been quietly testing that out for a few years now. I took a chance that really might have blown up in my face. We could be talking about some real negative experiences here couldn't we?
Good news
It is working out rather well. The teachers love it-many of whom have been searching for this kind of material most of their careers and not getting it. The students are enjoying the fact that there teachers are letting them practice it and I can say I helped.
Hey, I'm just trying to do the best I can manage with time allowed.
I can't wait to meet some of the guys who have been writing me. I think we will have a great time sweating together and raising a few later.
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