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Shannon Frye
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Name for youth kyu ranks

I could use some input on a problem I'm working on. At my dojo, we only have kids classes 2 days a week. It would be nice to offer some incentive (like testing) every 3 months, but I don't want to rush the kids through the ranks. I decided to perhaps do a "half test", thus breaking a single kyu rank into 2 smaller test.

But I can't think of a good title to call these 'half ranks'. 10kyu, step one or 10th kyu step 2 just doesn't sound right. Nor does 9 1/2 kyu. And starting them out at 20th kyu , and just testing whole numbers - sounds horrible.

Can anyone offer a kid friendly title for rank issued that is a step between whole number kyu ranks?

Thanks in advance....

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