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Originally posted by Tony-kun
I think you might've misunderstood me. But oh well, that's what I meant.
I think that applies to your view of my post too.

The point that I was coming from, is that Aikido is a "way", much more than technique in the dojo. If I just do techniques in regular practice, yes of course I can gain insights into how the technique works, how to improve it etc. What I can`t find by just studying technique is insights regarding the philosophy that makes Aiki a do. I have yet to visit a dojo that teaches any of the philosophy, that doesn`t mean that there aren`t any, just I haven`t been fortunate enough to find one yet (I am trying to be careful here because some may consider the techniques are part of the philosophy, which they are , I am referring to the other stuff).

With that in mind, in order for me to find insights into the philosophy or other stuff, if we do not have access to O Sensei`s insights as Bruce initially suggested (that would include his doka), I would have to follow a similar path to O Sensei. His development and evolution of his budo into Aikido came after many years of practicing other arts and some serious religious studies. Knowing how hard it is to learn to speak and read Japanese, and not having the exposure to the texts and teachings that O Sensei had, and not being in a position to spend my days training in the way he did, I still think it would be pretty difficult to gain any insight into Aikido as a way.

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