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Re: Suggestions for assisting instructors?

I was taught to never say anything negative, it's best to avoid "don't do this." That is easier said than done. Restraint in that the learning process is not that fast. It's very tempting to try to improve many aspects of someone's technique at once. Keep the talkng to a bare mimimum and always be upbeat. "Rome was not made in a day" as they say. Look for the one thing which will have the biggest improvement then maybe add something else if they have accomplished that. As an assistant instructor you have to realize that not everyone may be receptive to you right away. I suggest you look for students who are receptive to your teaching and focus on them. Don't waste time on a student who does not seem excited about what you have to say even if they could benefit from that A student is someone who wants to learn from you. Mostly its a matter of practice, you get better the longer you do it.
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