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Erik Jögimar
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Ai symbol Suggestions for assisting instructors?

Good day!

I've had the pleasure of being one of this terms assigned assisting instructors, or "Helper" if we're going to translate directly from swedish. At the moment i'm holding yonkyu aikikai, and i'm feeling pretty secure in what is taught in beginners class, going over how i would explain things if i were demonstrating the waza.

What i am having trouble with, that perhaps someone here could share some suggestions or insight on, is how to get even more comfortable in the actual 'teaching' part. I've had opportunity to show tai no henko, mae/ushiro ukemi och sidefalls on my own - with sensei supervising of course. But i feel lost at times, unsure of what to bring up at what stage. To prioritise what needs to be covered first, and then built upon.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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