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Thumbs down Yoshinkan basics within the ASU

Jacques Payet Sensei of the Yoshinkan stated in his Aiki-Expo reflections on the Aikido Journal BB the following:

I was also surprised to hear Ikeda Sensei encouraging his students to study the "basics of Yoshinkan Aikido.
I'm courious as to what the ASU members on this board think of this and if this is encouraged.

Payet Sensei also said:

In addition to discussing the merits and differences of Aikido as a whole, I was informed of how in Japan the Aikikai Honbu dojo and the Yoshinkan Headquarters are now exchanging their technical textbooks. This is very encouraging. It is clear that no one school can claim that they understand all of the founder's teachings. This book exchange may help to fill in the blanks where each style is lacking in the other's knowledge. We all need everybody's help to become better.
I wonder what folks think about this. I for one have learned a lot from my ASU brothers/sisiters at Pikes Peak Aikikai, my dojo away from home, so I agree with this statement and think it is a great thing.

Anyone know who may have encouraged this exchange?
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