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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

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This is why I find discussions about whether aikido is "practical" to be, frankly, unutterably silly. "Practical" for what, for whom, in what situation? I've never been confronted by someone charging at me with a knive, or anything remotely like that. Given that, does it make sense to judge the "practicality" of what I'm doing by how well it would work in that situation -- and who ever said that I was doing this in order to be "practical" anyway?
Good question. What's practical to me might be silly to you.
I think when people use the term practical it implies the martial effectiveness of Aikido in a life or death situation.

Stage aikdo might be practical for a school play but not in a fist fight. So it boils down to how you are using the word.

When I hear practical I think does it work when someone is trying to physically hurt you. The martial part of martial arts.
If someone else does aikido to get some exercise in or time away from stress then it's practical to them I guess.

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