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David Warden
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Re: Don't Create What You Don't Want

Hi Lynn
thanks for another interesting column.
I read 'The Secret' in December 2007 during the dark days of contemplating major back surgery. Whether it is coincidence or the power of positive thinking/visualisation, several events were triggered from that day, that have dramatically changed my life and I am now back on the Tatami at full pace. I have also used the 'what I want' to improve one of my fears of Aikido, falling without too much pain from a Koshi Nage.
However until reading this today, I had not thought of using it to work on my worst technique. Why it is my worst technique, naturally because I believe it to be so. Tonight I will remember these words as I execute an Irimi Nage right through Uke to the target of the floor.
Best Regards
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