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Chinese Martial Arts and Aikido

If anyone has ever read the great book by Sensei Steves the "Invincible Warrior". They would relise that Daito Ryu was not the only martial art that effected the refined art of Aikido we know and love. After reading texts on Hsing-i, Pa Gua and even Kung Fu (the Northern styles) you can see that there internal abilitys have greatly effected Aikido. Along with the very circular motions of Aikido.

O'Sensei went to China on 2 major occations once as a solider and also as a body guard. During this time he pitted himself against many chinese martial artists. There are no records of these duals. However, Morihei never lost a fight. In my humbul opinion, he would told his students if he had lost. So lets run on the assumption that he won these fights. Not that it really matters weither he did or not.

I would like to know anyones thoughts on the effects of his trips to China and the great Chinese Martial arts on Aikido.

Master the Divine
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