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All these posts really prove is preference, I mean on an Aikido web site it is unlikely that anyone is really going to say that BJJ is better than aikido.
Ah what the heck, I'll say it. BJJ is better than aikido.

Debriefing for your partner:

On the ground with the B Jujitsu on top of me ( We started with me lying down) I was able to do both IKKYO and NIKKYO on one of the hands holding me down.
Then your partner does not have good posture or control. Considering you later say you reverse the situation I assume either: your partner had very poor base, you have a significant size and weight advantage, or both.

My BJJ sparring partner has been practicing for more than two years now. He has not achieve ROYCE's caliber yet but one thing I can be sure of is this, if I used my knowledge in Tae Kwon Do rather than my Aikido I would be on the mat and struggling. I have more than five years of TKD background yet I don't think I am fast enough to kick or get away the way he SHOOTS at me. On the Aikido side I have more than sixteen months of practice.
So your partner is a wet-behind-the-ears blue belt, with a poor sense of strategy. Your partner should stop trying to shoot and let you come to him and then clinch. If your partner cannot touch you, they are too far away to shoot with any certainty.

1. The punches - with your back on the mat it will be hard to parry it, one should be fast to apply the locks. faster than the punches. Try not to keep his head close to yours if you want to avoid the punches.
Your partner should study the Brazilian Top Team's approach to striking (see Sperry's Value Tudo series). It sounds like your partner is losing control in order to strike. Try controlling first, then striking.
Second, there are a number of times when you would want your head close to your partner's to avoid strikes. The classic example is when you are mounted.

4. If all things fail in real life don't forget to gouge the eyes and bite into their ears or any part of the body for the matter.
Speculating on real life from a sparring match is a mistake. Wear goggles, roll lightly and add eye gouges, bites, knives and other assorted nastiness into your sessions and then draw conclusions. I'd recommend against this at this stage, as it sounds to me like your partner needs to focus on positional control first.



PS. The preferred spelling is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or bjj for short. If your partner is ranked by Royce/Rorion, et al, you may add "Gracie" to the art's name or abreviate it GJJ.
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