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Ron Tisdale
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Try going to and getting a copy of Koichi Inoue's Yoshinkan training manual. The pictures will be recognisable for the techniques, and the terminalogy will be very clear.

Yoshinkan tends to stick with prewar terminology like ikkajo, nikkajo, etc. (from Daito ryu, but not representative of the Ikkajo, Nikkajo series of 30 techniques). Its really not that hard once you get used to fact it tends to be easy once you get the format. Ex:

shomenuchi ikkajo osae ichi

front strike / 1st control / pin number one
you know this/ you know this / pin number one denotes linear technique, often done from aihamne (mutual stance) and entering. Yoshinkan basic shomenuchi xxx osae ichi techniques usually start with shite striking to begin the technique (iwama stylists do this as well I believe).

osae ni (pin number two) would denote a pivoting technique after the initial entry, ususually starts in gyakuhamne (opposite stance), and uke strikes to begin the technique.

Things tend to be very clearly delineated, and laid out. If you have specific questions, let me know and I'll try to help out.

Ron Tisdale
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