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Re: Test Passing Standards - What is it?

Testing for us is not graded and everyone basically passes unless for some reason they cannot complete the test. All of our testing fees go to the national organization. Testing is a great way to motivate students, as well as giving them a way to compare themselves on their past performance and to see for themselves what they might work on. It also puts them in a situation that is more close than regular practice to a dangerous situation because they are going to be nervous and are doing this in front of an audience. It can also give the student a great deal of self-satisfaction. It is a great way for me as an instructor to understand how I can help my students in the future.

I don't think that the test alone gives an honest appraisal of a students ability as some people are more nervous than others and some students are just less hard-driving. I think it's important that each student feels satisfied with their progress.

Testing also is a great time for us to celebrate our achievements. We like to go out for dinner and congratulate the people who tested. Just taking the test takes a lot of courage and dedication to the sport.
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