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Re: The speed of a technique

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I did it again and told him to simply feel if anything felt different when I shifted, it didn't have to feel like anything he understood or could describe. At that point when I shifted he said yes, he could feel it that time. But I had to verbally prep him so that he could put his attention on it and register what was happening.
Hi George,

That is a good example of how un-referenced vocabulary meant nothing to the "un-initiated" but when you and your vocabulary met him "where he was at" and directed him to simply pay attention any change he felt, at that point he reportedly felt something new and you more than likely then associated his experience with the vocabulary you wanted to associate with that experience.

Matters would have been greatly complicated if he had taken your original instruction and either used previously associated experience to create a referent or instantaneously created a new referent based on *past* experience thereby insulating himself from the experience you were trying to relate. He probably would have given you the same reaction but would have been much less able to be re-directed to experience the new sensations and therefore make a new association. Hence, "There are none so blind as those that *will* not see."

I too don't wish to let folks bumble around in the dark, especially myself. As you pointed out though, words alone, when it is assumed that one can derive shared experience from them, often only help promote bumbling.


~ Allen Beebe
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