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All these posts really prove is preference, I mean on an Aikido web site it is unlikely that anyone is really going to say that BJJ is better than aikido. Its like comparing a sports car and a 4*4. They are not the same and so uncomparable. However they do have there advantages in certain terrain. BJJ has a considerable amount of ground work. Were as the Aikidoka, does but not at the same level.

What is it though with BJJ as everyone seems to be pitting there martial art against it. I have seen this on both karate and judo site. So perhaps these martial arts have something to prove. However Aikdio is not about fighting its about thinking.

the likely hood of to martial artists squaring off is unlikely. Especially an Aikidoka. As if you go looking for a fight then you are a failure as a student in Morihei's eyes.

Thats not to say that you cant train with different disaplines. But in a really fight, all martial arts take a more sinister turn. You will always hold something back if it is not a real fight.


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