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Re: The speed of a technique

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
. . .they have little or no descriptive terminology for the "intuitive" or psychic aspect of the art, which means it can't be taught.
Sad news for Zen lineages! I suppose it could be argued that "it" CAN'T be "taught" only recognized. But then again, some how it is supposedly passed along . . .

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I think she feels somewhat vindicated by her exposure to Aikido and Systema in which this stuff is an integral part of the practice.
What if it isn't so much the descriptive terminology that most readily leads one to this stuff, but the instructive circumstances created, and informative experiences shared, by talented and willing teachers that "can do" and "can teach" that are then coupled with (perhaps even previously known) descriptive vocabulary that best engenders understanding, learning, and the transference of knowledge and ability of this sort.

If this were the case, one might write pages and pages of both poetry and/or prose without fear of the "un-initiated" walking away with the "crown jewels," and, after all, those already "in the know" . . already know.


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