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BJJ sparring

Don't get me wrong I did not post to brag was just trying to relate my experience to everyone and hope to see what others think of it. Thank you for the replies. I got some things to clarify:

My BJJ sparring partner has been practicing for more than two years now. He has not achieve ROYCE's caliber yet but one thing I can be sure of is this, if I used my knowledge in Tae Kwon Do rather than my Aikido I would be on the mat and struggling. I have more than five years of TKD background yet I don't think I am fast enough to kick or get away the way he SHOOTS at me. On the Aikido side I have more than sixteen months of practice.

The rules of the sparring is this, take down, throwing, pinning, grappling and choking allowed. Punching and kicking allowed too. No biting, eye gouging,poking, targetting of the groin.

Bruce, thanks for the advice just to clarify however I RESPECT BJJ. I respect all aspect and types of martial art. Its not the ART as I always been told its the practioner.
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