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Re: Verbal Aikido

If this is too much of an advertisement, please cut this post, Jun, but given that I've seen a few other URL which are references to other's work, I thought I would insert my own.
I recently published a trilogy of works which could broadly be subsumed under verbal aikido/de-escalation of aggression. There are two versions: one for social services professionals (not necessarily clinical interventions - most of the info is equally applicable to someone who works in everything from the medical field to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and the second version of the trilogy is for families who live with an aggressive or mentally ill family member.
I will say that the majority of the information in the books is universally applicable, not just for social services people - particularly the professional version of Centering and about 2/3 of the info in Grace Under Fire
Social Services:

For those who care to visit the website, I am co-writing single volume books on the same subject for police and fire/emergency response respectively. They will each be out sometime in 2009 or 2010.
{And yes, Hidden in Plain Sight - in production as I write}

Ellis Amdur

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