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Do symbol Re: Article: Examinations and Their Purpose by Patrick Auge

As far as testing goes, either the student(s) know what to do or they don't. I never tell my students when they are going to test. I have the criteria already and I ask them, during the course of class, to demonstrate a technique. The test is very comprehensive but they are relaxed because they don't realize they are testing. Sometimes I tell them that I am going to have them do an "inventory" to see what they know, where they need help, and how they can improve. I have given tests where the student forgets, or gets nervous, and blows the test. Sometimes the test will last for 2 or more classes while I hit on everything they need to do. It has worked out very well. I do my junior black belts the same way. The results have been very good. Some styles don't award colored belts. Either it's white or black. In Tomiki, I award colored belts because it shows progression, it's an achievement that they deserve, but it also gives them more responsibility towards lower ranking aikidoka.
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