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Re: Aikijujutsu Seminar with Don Angier

Stephen McGovern wrote: View Post
I want to let everyone know that there will be a Seminar on May 23/24 in Murrieta, CA with Don Angier. The seminar will focus on Aikijutsu and its relationship with Kenjutsu primarily that of the Yanagi Ryu. For more information visit: Don Angier Seminar or email me.

This is a rare opprtunity to train with a legend in the Japanese arts.

Hope to see you there.
If anyone is in the position to attend this event, don't even think about missing it. Angier Sensei is absolutely at a level that has very few equals.I will recount a story...

At the first Aiki Expo I was between classes and ran into a friend in the hallway. He said that he had just walked out on that guy Angier's class because it was all bs. He said the ukes were all tanking and it was clearly fake. I told him in no uncertain terms to get his butt back into that class, get into the front row, and not leave until he had put his hands on Angier Sensei. A couple of hours later I met him again and he thanked me profusely for saving him from making a big fool of himself. Angier sensei is one of those rare individuals whose technique has gotten to the point at which it simply looks bogus unless you are the one who attacks him...

I am twice his size or more and he let me grab him with everything I had. The next thing I knew I was up on my toes in sankyo and I never felt anything... Not even the unstoppable force of many of the best teachers... I mean I felt nothing! I just started to move. He was as relaxed as if he were picking up his hand to grab a book off a bookshelf. There is only one of this man and when he is gone it will be an irreplaceable loss. Do not miss him while he is still teaching.

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