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Originally posted by batemanb
Do what?

Sorry Bruce but that seems contradictory to me. Surely, if you were allowed to read and research O Sensei`s teachings, you are falling back on them to some level. In doing so, and in the abscence of anyone else to guide you, I think that you would likely be influenced by his writings to some extent.

The way of Aiki is much more than doing technique in the dojo, many are quite happy and content with that level, but to gain insights into Aikido, such as O Sensei had would be a very difficult task. One would have to read and learn many of the old Japanese scripts pertaining to Shinto, study and understand the Kojiki, study Omoto Kyo, Daito Ryu and the rest, to stand any chance of fathoming what it was that O Sensei found and believed Aikido to be.
Gaining insights into Aikido the way O'Sensei had might not be all that hard for some people. To me it seems O'Sensei explains how to reach his level in many of his quotes. But it probably depends on the person, like how open minded he is and his interest in gaining such insights. I don't always see Aikidoists always keeping their mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts(I got bits and pieces of it from one of O'Sensei's quote). But it will surely take alot of practice and dedication, and that's probably all you need.

I could go on and on about this with other quotes but I think he explains it all, or just enough for one to figure out the rest oneself. However it will most likely help to read alot of- what batemanb stated before.
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