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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
I mean, do you do Aikido in a living room, or a bar setting, or something like that. Do you practice in a parking lot after it rains or during the rain, etc. Do you practice in your street clothes. When you do perform a technique your not surprised, you know what to expect.
Actually, we just trained in someone's living room today. He had to watch his baby, so rather than cancel practice, I just said let's have training at his house. As I was coming from church, I just kept my dress clothes on.

Although we are a traditional aikido club, we do regularly train in other settings besides the dojo and a traditional class setting. We also often train "scenarios" such as in cars, office settings, bathrooms, etc. Full-on randori is a part of nearly every class. Advanced students train rolling and breakfalls out on the concrete sidewalk.

We also strike and cut with full force and full speed - with full intention as uke on taking nage out. If someone doesn't move, they get hit. : )

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