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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

Dan O'Day wrote:

If those guys are for real why don't they ever tear each others' shoulders loose with a shihonage or a sankyu hold or their equivalent in jui jitsu?
Cause they can't, cause it don't work that way in those situations. In fact, I have never actually been able to even get myself in a situation when shihonage would actually work. Sankyu on the other hand, don't work so well either as a technique, although I have used it before in some instances in competition. ( I posted video of it on my blog.)

How come they don't do slamming kokyu throws which can kill people by breaking their necks?
cause in reality it don't work either. Why, cause the other guy stops you from doing this in most cases. Noble ideal, but rarely does it work the way we want it to.

Love to see someone like yourself go to the UFC and show them. Funny how we have had no aikido guys actually demonstrate their superior skills.

Aikido. Train to better oneself and to develop an ego as a "martial artist" that can be fed by other people with "martial artist" egos who are all part of the "martial artist ego club" and who absoultely know everything there is to know about aikido which explains why they keep telling each other what it is...?

Uh...does that make sense?
Maybe in some dojos, but not in the ones I have chosen to study in. I have never met anyone that says they know it all, or I tend to avoid those guys I guess.

I have seen alot of folks though in aikido that don't want to take responsibility for their own training, or they want to, and don't really know how to go about doing it. I see alot of martial artist that want to take short cuts, or don't but simply don't want to admit they need to get in shape, eat right, lose weight...(insert whatever you want to here).

I also see alot of foks in aikido that are perfectly happy with what they are doing and don't need me to tell them what to do, or how to improve. They just simply want to come train.

Life is like that, however, different folks with different goals and stuff.

I like Erick Mead's statement "I do hear hospitals have sick people in them!" That is the single best thing I have heard in a while!

You are not trees. Trees are constant. And they get cut down. No, you are like elegant water fed cut stone on the shore of a high mountain river bank. Getting polished by wind and rain, stream and sun.
I could argue that trees are not constant, only our preception of them is constant since they appear to be standing still and not moving and changing. I'd also argue that getting cut down equates to the water changing and moving, it is evolution. Humans make up these nice little analogies to make sense of a big world we cannot fully understand, and it sounds so good to say things that sound so wise and profound!

UFC, MMA, Aikido not real, Aikido real, no one knows anything except me, me, me, me and the other people in the meme club.

What's it all about?
Who here sounds like that? Most of these guys only last here a few weeks before they get bored, stop posting and go elsewhere for there entertainment.

Competition. It is absolutely rampant on these threads. It's a cryin' shame, if you ask me.
Maybe we should develop a point system and charge money and give out awards to the winners?

And's boring as hell.
...and therefore?????

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