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Bruce Baker
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Strike to back of neck?

If I read you right, you causes two other nerves to be activated, sounds like liver/gall bladder, and struck the backof the neck with the muscles stretched?

Yeah, there are accounts of simular strikes in older texts for Karate that indicate disarming and striking the neck with the head being pulled over to expose the nerve by a hair pull.

Oops? You just touched three pressure points on the same meridian and caused a knockout.

There are a lot of boisterous sensei putting a spin on pressure points, but once they, their students, or anyone they choose (who is physically healthy, not on drugs, or has health problems) has been knocked out by touch, they sing a different song.

Aikido has many, many hidden techniques that can use pressure points if you take the time to find the third point on the same meridian for a knockout. They are not hidden, they are available as you go through nearly all techniques, but you need to study!

If you are hitting muscle groups to get result from a nerve group, you still need to use the correct angle and direction, or a force strong enough to break bones ... which is like using the "sledge-O-matic" to open your milk carton.

Don't be surprised if sensei has some more little treats down the road.

Those little nerve endings do come up a lot, especially when pain or knockouts are involved.
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