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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

This is worth a read. I understand that most of us are not Special Forces or have a need for this type of training....

but I think what this shows us, IMO, that it is the process of inducing physical and mental stress in various scenarios and situations that conditions us to be able to better deal with it in everyday life.

Is not the process of budo or aikido the same?

Through the training that we do, which is progressive and methodical a way of working us through this process?

If so, is the process really designed to teach folks morals or ethics....

or, is a big part of the process simply designed to condition us in this manner, so when we are "engaged" in situations that we have the ability to "deal" with the situation?

If so, this would infer that the harder and more stressful we practice the better we would be able to deal with "stress" in our day to day lives or when we get involved in a "situation" that is stressful.

Interesting topic.

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