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"why dilute waza with words?"

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
And here's me thinking aikido WAS ground-and-pound ... just the 'pound' bit being ridiculously under-trained.
I'm not sure I follow. Are you saying Aikido as a comprehensive system should include the ability to be brutal (to train to be as technically or physicaly powerful as possible)? I would completely agree. My point was simply that some folks already have a pronounced amount of training in some things while not in others. I know plenty of people who frankly need more "not-fight" training than fight training.
And since I'm laid up from my wisdom teeth extraction...
I think I understand why folks get uncomfortable when ethics comes up. It's a "little" subjective, and often the topic of religion starts to weave its way into the discussion...'nuff said there. I also think I understand why a lot of folks don't want to include these things in their training. They want to isolate and focus on the specific things they're developing. If they're already getting the intangibles from home or church, it's redundant to talk about them when you could be learning stuff that pertains more to the mat itself...I mean, stepping on the mat to talk is kind of like getting into a car for a nap, isn't it? You might have good reasons to do it, but the mat is mostly there to land on and throw people on. That said, I still think it's important to have the difficult discussions...ethical discussions about what people maybe should or shouldn't do in certain circumstances. In all things balance, but it seems to me that O Sensei hoped people would consider the ethical questions surrounding conflict. This necessitates some inclusion of morals and ethics doesn't it? Obviously the degree with which different individuals "need" to apply themselves in this regard would vary...just as a person with gymnastics training will probably do basic rolls a little quicker than someone with no previous training of any kind.

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