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Would anyone like to share their experiences with unexpected results (good or bad) from training in aikido?

I just had one about a week ago. I received my annual review from my boss, who actually criticized me for being so calm all the time and not displaying the same "intensity" as some of my coworkers. Basically, he thought I wasn't as busy or working as hard as them because I wasn't panicking or freaking out from the fast pace of work over the past few months. He's the type of person who likes to feel like he always has the dominant position, and does this by trying to keep his employees "on their heels" all the time when their around him(read: off balance). So in order to make him feel like he had me backed up in a corner, I apologized to him for not making it clear to him that I HAVE been at least as busy or busier than my co-workers and reminded him of all the projects that I had working on which were keeping me busy . This seemed to make him feel better and we moved on to another more meaningful (sic) topic. Blend and redirect, AMAZING!!! And yes, I am looking for a new job...
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