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Re: Aikido IS a practical contemporary martial art

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
Have you ever counted the number of times Aikido is compared to UFC in threads?

Outdated is the right word. An example of a truly contemporary system, is combatives systems. Systems that deal with what and how criminals assault others. Criminals and their attacks get upgraded like other stuff. They work their stuff. They think about what they do and how to do it better, they improve upon it all the time. Their goal is to be successful and win too.

Many martial arts are just that arts. They are not about change, I mean, do you do Aikido in a living room, or a bar setting, or something like that. Do you practice in a parking lot after it rains or during the rain, etc. Do you practice in your street clothes. When you do perform a technique your not surprised, you know what to expect. No, you practice in a place that is the most least likely place you will ever be attacked barefoot. That place has a soft even dry floor. Your not ever surprised, in a white Japanese pajamas, if someone attacks you. Overall, yea, out dated.

To be fair when I say out dated, it doesn't mean MMA is any better with that stuff.
Sounds like an argument in favour of creating a kata for applying ikkyo against ten looters while sitting on the toilet with your trousers around your ankles after the roofs been blown off by a hurricane and the house is burning down around you. It could happen, are you ready for it?

Modern systems like you describe are not about change either, they are just new, like Takenouchi Ryu was new 500 years ago.
The point of older systems is not to create a system which is "If this happens, then do this" that's an impossibility.

The point is to create someone that doesn't have an adrenalin rush and doesn't get suprised. An adrenalin rush is a sign of an untrained mind, you've not trained to associate being attacked or being surprised with relaxation.
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