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Re: Respect/Lack there of.

What I'm not so sure of is if this gentleman was acutely upset and felt disrespected? Even though he knows tradition is different here, he may have realized he did not say he is coming beforehand and therefore was intending to keep a "low profile" as Szczepan thought may be possible. He may have enjoyed his time on the mat and not been hugely disturbed by anyone's behavior. I can understand Wayne being concerned, it would not be great to have word go around that the dojo was horribly inconsiderate and even be blamed himself for subjecting this gentleman to such treatment. I think the guest has to be given credit though. If he's the type of person he seems to be from the description, he's probably seen worse in his lifetime and is probably proud to see so many Americans embracing Aikido, since it appears to me that the dojo is quite large so someone is obviously doing something right. If there is a problem, I'm sure he realizes that any disrespect was not intentional. A thank you gift sent to his home address may be in order just to ensure the guest knows that everyone enjoyed his visit.
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