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Re: Master/slave relationship and Instructor with ego

The only reason I haven't left the dojo is that the sensei himself (along with most other sempai) is the diametrical opposite of this instructor.
If this is the case, I wouldn't let one obnoxious person ruin an otherwise good circumstance for you. If the sensei is truly very supportive, then he will certainly understand your unwillingness to be trampled underfoot by this assistant instructor. Make it clear (in a polite way) to the instructor that you aren't willing to accept any nonsense from him. Perhaps a talk with the sensei to let him know how you are feeling is in order as well.

But, after I've done more than my fair share, I'm constantly told to finish off for another sempai and more often than not barked at to hurry up. It is a similar scenario when packing up at the end of the class. In short, when a sempai orders me to do something, I feel intimidated and I don't have the free-will to say no. So my question is, how can this not be interpreted as an act of submission more along the lines of a master/slave relationship rather than a teacher/student relationship?
Well, it is a master-slave relationship if that is what you allow it to be. At some point in your training you're going to have to learn to overcome feeling intimidated. Perhaps now is the time for you to begin to do so.


"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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