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Re: Teaching Teenagers

Hi there I've been teaching kids from 5 years old and lots of teenagers both within the club and school groups for about the last 10 years and basically try to put as much fun in the class as possible while trying to teach Aiki skills.
One such activity is sword fighting using "pool noodles" those round floatation devices made from some kind of foam. I have found both boys and girls enjoy this and has proven to be a great leveller plenty of times I've seen the "show off's" be bettered by the smallest quietest kids in class. Then there is samurai soccer played with a smallish soccer ball but you are only allowed to knee walk or roll or a round or two of dodgeball before class.
The biggest mistake I made early on was I got to caught up on technical details and teaching the kids like they were adults which of course the kids would find to dry and boring these days I keep demonstration and talking to a minimum and the doing to a maximum with as much fun fun fun as can be thrown in.
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