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Re: Respect/Lack there of.

Thanks for the reply Brett.My friend had no intention to teach.My post is regarding the basic lack of respect given to a visiting practioner of higher rank and experience.It is a common courtesy practiced in every Dojo I have ever attended.Your apology is very gracious and Mr.S was not offended at all...he would have been if such an incident had occured in Japan... but we both know this would never be the case.A few students did express thanks for the info he passed on.My post concerns the Yudansha who should know better.
I ran this by a few of my Aikido Yudansha friends before posting and they concured w/my thinking on this.
Again my appreciation for your post in regards to this.
BTW...I did not mention the Dojo or instructor for reasons of privacy and respect.
Perhaps my "old school" thinking is abit out of fashion.

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