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Respect/Lack there of.

Last week a friend of mine came for a short visit.He wanted to train at the local Dojo.My friend is 61 yrs old,holds Roku Dan from Honbu was given a Shihan rank by Kissumoru Ueshiba trained w/O'Sensei.He has 42 years on the mat!
His sister was O'Sensei's secretary and he had a close friendship w/O'Sensei as a young man.He has a photo of he and O'Sensei.he carries and is very proud of.I have had the good luck to have trained w/some really fine Sensei and my friend's Kokyu is off the charts.He has many friends in the Japanese "old school" Aikido community.
We arrived at the Dojo and were informed that the Sensei was unable to teach that evening and had appointed a Nidan to teach.Having been involved in Aikido since 1980 and trained in martial arts since 1958 I have a deep understanding of protocol especially in Japanese martial arts.I introduced my friend to the Nidan instructor and gave him a quick overview of my friends history.The Nidan was annoyed by my friends presence and went on to teach the class w/a minimal intro concerning my friend and began to teach w/out defering to a senior in rank,experience and age.I was amazed by this lack of courtesy and lack of understanding in regards to proper etiquette.
After class my friend did a short teaching using the Nidan as Uke.
The entire time Nidan rolled his eyes as if he had other things to do.
My point in this what has gone wrong in Aikido are we only concerned w/teaching techniques w/out principle and respect for the Japanese culture.I will mention this to the Sensei,write a letter to his Sensei also a friend of the Shihan I have written about and hope some wisdom might show up at this Dojo.
Has anyone on this forum had a simular experience?

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