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Atlanta Aunkai Seminar May 9, 10

We're excited to announce that Akuzawa Minoru, the founder of Aunkai, will be visiting Atlanta, GA for a two-day intensive seminar.

Akuzawa Sensei has developed a unique approach to training from his extensive background in Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Rather than focusing on specific techniques, he and his students work to develop the martial body itself, thus forming a core set of body skills that the practitioner can apply to whatever form of martial art they choose. This seminar is open to all interested students regardless of what art they currently study.

For more information about Akuzawa Sensei and Aunkai, visit their website at

Video of Akuzawa sensei:

Saturday May 9 & Sunday May 10, 2009

$200 includes both days. Discounts available for full-time students (with valid student ID).

TBD (Watch this thread for updates)

Jang Choe (jangchoe (at) gmail . com) to reserve your spot.

Possible Seminar Topics:
- Understanding body principles at a physical level.
- Understanding the importance of working out to "correct the body".
- Explaining the Aun method of "framework of power" .
- Explain how to train, balance, and correct the body.
- Introduce exercises designed to increase and strengthen awareness of the body's correct frame.
- Exercises to increase the potential of your body's movement.
- Partner training designed to allow both parties to understand how the skeletal structure is supposed to correctly settle and react.
- Contact exercises designed to bring awareness to how the body reacts under duress and correct itself through a continuous process.
- Explanation of the principles of "Hard/Soft" within the body. Understanding the use of proper power with an opponent.
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