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Thanx for the replies ppl!
and the warm welcome, i will practace my Ukemi and horse stance? i'm not sure what that one is but i'll ask Sensei tonight,
that reminds me i better cut the grass in my garden if i'm going to practace my rolls there (been doing them at a friends house who go's aikido with me, he's fascinated with his new bokken and tanto at the moment tho, he collects swords) but i beleive i will have to clear out the wild animals first then cut it,

thanx also for the Bushido definitions that helps alot all i gotta do now is learn how to write shi, Bu and Do are easy but i dont know what Shi looks like i'll find it somewhere

Btw found out last night i'm going to be a daddy YAY! i wonder what age they start teaching Aikido? can you get three yr old black belts?

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