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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Goi Sensei bestowed on us the explanation that word-soul was prior to words and voiced sounds, in other words, that word soul was the deity that vibrated light itself, and that the time that it came forth in sounds and letters was the remains of the previous working of word-soul.
Ann Wehmeyer, who is at my alma mater, did a relatively recent new translation of the initial volume of Norinaga's Kojiki-den along with the Naobi no Mitama. She also did an earlier article on kotodama in Edo period Nativism -- both of which may be instructive. The latter, unfortunately I do not yet have.

I am informed she is working on a study of kotodama among the New Religions. A collaboration or correspondence between you might well be of interest -- given the level of your obvious commitment, and for which we are all eternally grateful. I graduated from the Asian studies program at UF well before she came there on faculty, unfortunately, but Dr Chennault might remember me, by way of indirect introductions.


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