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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Professor Goldsbury,

Thank you for your reply. The quote about hibiki was very insightful.
The sentence in bold reads: Aikido ga yo ni hibiki sunawachi odo no kamuwaza to narishimono... = Aikido is a hibiki to the world. In other words, it is divine operation of the odo
Could it also mean that Aikido is an echo of the world or that Aikido is an echo of the kotodama SU that created the world?

As for the doka I need to really dig in and put my Japanese skills to the test but from a cursory glance the first references the red and white jewels. The third talks about opening the stone door and 3000 worlds and plum blossoms. Hopefully some other people can help with the translation, I will post what I come up with as soon as I pin it down. I also noted the difference between 小戸の神技, from the doka and 小戸の神業 from your online sources. This is the same change that you mentioned in the article for ushirowaza.

Also I have been looking through various online dictionaries (wwwjdic etc. ) for 小戸 and all I can come up with are place names Odogawa etc.

I still wonder what exactly is this "small door", is it the mouth as was mentioned in the original article. Is it an analogy to the stone door from the Kojiki? Or is the sound of the stone door? Or SU.

In light of quote above it seems that Aikido is the divine operation of the small door. Which to me seems important. I realize you are busy polishing what will most assuredly be another thought provoking article but I was hoping you could explain what, if any importance you find in 小戸の神業.

Thank you again for you time and effort.

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