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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
If those discourses have been edited to death than what's the point of even starting...oy!! Is there no means to access the original writings? Or did Ueshiba not write anything out and it was subject to "on the spot interpretation" of a largely ignorant audience?

Hello Dan,
I am racing to meet Jun's deadline for Column 12, due on Mar 1, so I will be brief.

I am pretty certain there is a lot of 'raw' material. When Sadateru Arikawa died, for example, tons of stuff were taken away from his house and I gather that all this is in a safe place. The present Doshu once told me that there are archives in the Hombu that no one has time to touch. So I am scratching the surface of what will be a very longterm undertaking.

I think that, for better for worse, aikido is still going through a maturation process and that its scope will be clearer when Mitsuteru is 4th Doshu than it is now. We are still too close to O Sensei, in a sense, and people panic if we deviate too far from the party line. People in high places need to settle down and relax more.



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