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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Brad Darr wrote: View Post
Professor Goldsbury,

What is the divine waza of the small door? I am assuming that (=mouth?) is your addition. From the description it is kotodama. Or possibly kiai? There are all those mythical stories of birds being taken out of the air by a well timed kiai.
I was also curious about the eloquent tongue, as if someone is charismatic enough to stop someones waza. Or that it takes some skill with the tongue to use kotodama?
I have been trying to find another reference in another doka but sadly all I own are the Stevens translations and my Japanese ability is not enough to hold decent a conversation let alone go searching on Google. I was hoping you had some more insight into the matter or that you know of a source that discusses it. I already looked through Gleason's first book to no avail and Amazon still hasn't delivered his second.
Hello Brad,

There is another reference to odo no kamuwaza in the writings collected in the Takemusu Tsugen blog. It appears in the section entitled Budo Misogi no Maki (Buro Misogi Scroll) and its provenance is stated to be 伝書 (written transmission) from Morihei Ueshiba to Michio Hikitsuchi. (However, I doubt whether it is a direct quotation.) In Budo Misogi no Maki 7, there is the following reference to odo no kamuwaza (in bold):

合息が合気と生まれ、火風水がアオウエイと結び合せて言魂となりて、合気道が世にヒビキ即ち小戸の神業(おどのかむわざ)となりしもの也。地上現界の争いのない道を示す為に、また弋(ほこ)を止どめる武の道を世人に示す為に素盞嗚尊(すさのおのみこと)の御分身として生まれられたのではないかと思われる 開祖植芝翁は神の化身にましますのではないだろうか。即ち武神の大手力王尊(たじからおのみこと)と現われ給う。翁は人として、この世に生まれられた以上は人並以上の修行 の道をふませられたのである。

The sentence in bold reads: Aikido ga yo ni hibiki sunawachi odo no kamuwaza to narishimono... = Aikido is a hibiki to the world. In other words, it is divine operation of the odo.

Hibiki has a wide range of meanings, all to do with sounds, the type of sound depending on what causes it (e.g., boom, peal, explosion, reverberation, hoofbeat, echo, vibration, hence, accoustics). A transferred meaning is the effect of the sound. The example given is the vibrations of an avalanche: 雪崩の響きが全身に伝われてきた。The vibrations [thunder] of the avalanche shook (were transmitted through) my whole body.

I hope this explains the phrase a little more.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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