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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Since we agree on most everything lets skip to the one thing more substantive and interesting-aiki.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Are you sure you want to use the word "distinct?" How can the Aiki body be distinct from your waza?
Not quite what I meant.
There are many great MAers or fighters with no aiki.
I was pointing out (in response to your post) that these two men were known for their aiki-power. And that it was distinct, and impressive enough to set these men apart from some incredibly talented Budo men as judged by some incredibly talented Budo men. In an age when being "the teacher" didn't nearly cut it.

Here's a little thought that also ties in with Peters column, that is probably going to fall as flat as most everything else I said.
Again going back to concepts, and translations.
I just do not think that the majority of men get it anymore. I think most guys have never felt or faced men with world class power, real power- not dojo nonsense. For that reason, they neither see, nor feel, any compelling reason to believe that these two guys were truly giants, and...that they had an understanding of a concept that was beyond their reckoning. Hence, in their minds there is nothing unusual to be researched, had or understood- so they don't even look for it.

I also think its the reason we are losing our heritage from these arts that being...aiki. Aiki power is real, it is formidable, it is formless and transends all the arts, into modern grappling. Most not having that experience, just assign that "aiki stuff" they felt from their local aikido teacher as aiki power and check it off as "done." So its hard to get folks to understand here is something substantial, and unsual, in our heritage to be had in the first place and then once believed to train in it. And that if they trained it they could stand in rooms with the best Aiki men Budo has to offer and have them try and take their measure of you and have it come to naught. And it can be had without the twenty year apprenticeships everyone is requiring to "get it.".
Just a thought.
BTW, sorry if this is incomprehensible . . . it is bed time in the Beebe houshold and my kids are climbing on me and singing in my ears.
Not that I mind that much!
God I miss those days. Enjoy them bud.

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