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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Stan Baker wrote: View Post
Dan is one of the few people in rule#1 maybe the only one.
Oh darn! And here I thought I was "the one."

While admirable in the sense of "testifying," and most assuredly well intended, this is the very sort of statement that plagues Dan and others.

Virtually anyone can claim *here* to do or understand just about anything. It is virtually impossible to prove that understanding *here.* Furthermore, others can support the claims of others but everything carries about the same weight *here.* Hence the miracle of 1 1/2 minute understanding IN PERSON.

At any rate your statement assumes too much I think. It assumes that you know what Dan claims to know or do. (In other words, Dan isn't making the statement for himself, you are.) It assumes that either I know what Dan claims to know or do or that I trust that you do. It assumes that you are qualified to judge if Dan can do what he claims to know or do and it assumes that I trust your judgement. I think a reasonable person could see why just about any of these assumptions could be called into question.

Finally, the phrase "maybe the only one," while provocative, also implies the counter phrase, "or maybe not." While far better than claiming that he IS the only one, which would imply that you know of all others, it still isn't that strong of a statement.

All that having been said, we are straying far off of the subject of this thread. That certainly was not the intent of my post.

So, assuming that Takeda and Ueshiba, Ueshiba being the subject of this thread . . . or his writing at least, satisfied Rule #1 and seemingly Rule #2 with some, were his writings (which ones?) intended for the consumption of the chosen few, for everyone but "Aiki Content Free," or for everyone but only those Rule #2 recipients would truly realize what he was saying?

(BTW Stan, I would enjoy meeting Dan someday and would certainly hope to benefit from the meeting. )

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