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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Ah . . . but the plot thickens! If Takada passed along Aiki to a few, and a bunch of recognizable forms to many, (Yeah, yeah, there are a bunch of Daito Ryu's but most of the stuff I've seen matches one for one with the Daito Ryu that my teacher was taught . . . so there are recognizable forms.) and Ueshiba passed along Aiki to even fewer, and bunch of recognizable forms to many, and if all of the confusion between one and the other could be "magically ended in about a minute and a half in person," why didn't they?

BTW, I think it perfectly possible to pass along the "concept" bereft of the content as well. One need not look farther than other related "internal arts" to see that that is possible.

Perhaps there ought to be reproducibility rules:
Rule #1: An individual must be able and willing to demonstrate the things he/she claims to know or do.
Rule #2: An individual must be able to create the conditions whereby another individual can pass Rule #1 before he/she can be recognized as a teacher.

Sounds simple to me!

~ Allen Beebe
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