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Re: Underqualified Sensei

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
No one. No single person got the whole deal. I have not talked to a single former uchi deshi who claimed to have gotten more than a part of what the Founder taught.
Its kind of funny. When i read the article, I believe the one where Sensei Tohei talks about receiving 10th Dan...could be another...he basically made a comment that he was the 'only one that got it'.

This was when he talked about his experience how everyone else received their 9th dans 'secretly' and then upon coming back to Japan OSensei sheepishly tried to offer him 10th dan after he saw Tohei wasnt upset.

Now the information may be form different interviews, but he appeared to be confident that Osensei knew he was the one that got what was going on.

Funny about the whole 'ki' bit being what people talk of why there was a split with Tohei, for a couple of reasons from what I have gathered.

1) Apparently Osensei taught one thing and showed another...(the relaxed state as Tohei put it.)
So, ki was/is an integral part of the teaching.
2) Tohei was offered to teach his ki bit at hombu after they saw that it took off at the Olympic stadium? (may not be the right location.) Of course he said it was 'to late'.

None the less, the interviews out there with Tohei are quite revealing in numerous ways.



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