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At the risk of incensing you all further may I suggest that your partners may be right in going easier on you. AAAAAAAaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh, the flames, IT BURNS!!!!!

Ok, here's what I mean. I remember working with a guy (he'd done something for a year or so but was new to Aikido) who in the middle of a relatively slow practice said to me, with a fair dose of arrogance, "you don't have to go so easy with me, I can take it." Something about it just pissed me off, so as he came in with the yokomen strike, I dropped an atemi on him full-force. Now my definition of atemi in this case is a very powerful hip energy which when received feels like a strike but isn't. Basically a pulled punch with full blown energy. I'm a bigger guy so this can be a lot of energy if I get it right--I did.

Anyways, after we peeled him off the ceiling, I explained to him why we went the speed we did although I'm pretty sure he got it by then.

My point is that maybe some men are being cautious for your own good and some of you are so hell bent on being equal that you don't realize you really are being treated equal. Maybe these guys do this for a reason. Or maybe they are pigs.

For the record, I attack women exactly the same way I do men.

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