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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Hi Professor,

My remark was obviously not directed at you (you do a great job with your essays and I'm certain you are already aware of O Sensei's age when he wrote his different pieces), it was more a general word of caution about interpreting Kaiso's words.

I have the impression that his poetic style could easily be seen as the reflection an overly idealistic and naive vision of reality, and for that reason his writings could be dismissed by some practitioners.

Also, I simply emit the hypothesis that his chosen mode of expression is the result of, if not a consciously deliberate choice, at least of a deep maturing process.

Having translated a few articles and interviews into french for AikidoJournal, I am aware of the traditional "traduttore, tradittore" (translator/traitor) dilemma. Your present column seems to indicate the japanese language poses its own problems, especially in the case we're discussing.

Hope I made myself slightly clearer.


PS : my mother language is French, and my German is awful

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