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Re: Preparing for Test Outside of Regular Class Time

Rachel Zimmer wrote: View Post
Sensei starts prepping us with some techniques from the tests soon after the new year. We're each expected to get familiar with our tests on our own time however, and a lot of the stuff we have to know is never taught in class. We can always ask Sensei for corrections, etc. We seem to do a different version of some of the techniques every year, & different specifics are looked for.
See, that is what I dont get, and seems to be common in Aikido.
The "go figure it out yourself" mentality.

The irony is that what in the world are people practicing if not the newer techniques? I know - much of the same old techniques...not that there is anything wrong with that.

But the underlying problem is that there appears to be a consistent lack of a systematic approach.

To some extent, I suppose I understand - as the user above you pointed out, some of the techniques are just variations/combinations of techniques already learned.

But up the ranks to 1st kyu, there are various positions, and techniques that arent necessarily just a variant of another technique that you can figure out on your own...suppose its easy to forget this fact after you have learned and taught for many years.

Personally, I feel that after each test, you should begin going over the new minimum be introduced to the techniques.

True, I realize that this issue doesnt bother many people, and/or they work around it somehow - but it is one area that I just find a bit frustrating personally.

After all, the older techniques can be practiced at home or with friends...its the newer techniques your there to get instruction on. (Not to imply you cant adjust your older techniques, etc.)

Well, thats my rant for the morning.



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