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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

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Edit time ran out
I understand we agree to the complexities of comparisons of the translation problems-your examples spoke to that.

I was only referrencing you in your "seeing what we do as waza" quote
I may be off-base here, but the original quote is "seeing what we do as waza-related" in contrast to "sensei-related". In other words, Professor Goldsbury doesn't see aikido as a sui generis creation of one man, whom must then be emulated (either directly or via a lineage of transmission) in order to be able to do it, but rather as a much broader set of body skills (which is another way of saying "waza") which can be learned from a broad number of disparate teachers, such as Akuzawa, Ushiro, yourself, Sigman, etc.

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