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Re: Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido - Videos?

Hi Dalen,
I have been searching the web for exactly what you're looking for: Tohei Sensei's teachings in DVD format, but have not found any. It's funny but I have not asked any of my senseis this after over 5 years of ki aikido. I only have his books. I will ask my sensei tonight if he has seen one. Tohei Sensei is retired and has transfered the leadership of Ki No Kenkyukai to his son Shinichi Tohei Sensei. Oregon Ki Society had a large delegation that went to the HQ last year for training and sight-seeing. Tohei Sensei came in to talk to the group, have some photo opportunities, and hosted the group for dinner and was always in high spirit. I missed this opportunity.
Garth is right, YouTube has a lot of footage of Tohei Sensei.
Enjoy the search.


Plus Ki
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